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False Accusations

Lawrence Zimmerman will defend you against false accusations

False Criminal Accusations

People lie, that's a fact. False accusations can ruin your reputation, career, friendships, and more. whether it's a misunderstanding or vindictive we can help you fight false allegations.

Defending and overcoming false accusations can be extremely challenging. How can you possibly prove that something did not happen? It is possible but you'll need an experienced Atlanta sex crimes lawyer to make it happen.

Most false accusations can be attributed to someone's lack of ability to control their emotions that drives an illogical need to harm someone. Our job is to gain an understanding of the dynamics of the matter, and the physical elements that can prove your innnocence. Getting an early start on your defense is very important.

I was falsely accused of sexual assault/rape but felt I needed immediate legal representation...The plan and 'client package' that Lawrence laid out for me was executed flawlessly and at the end of the day was ultimately the reason why my case was officially closed by the detectives.

How do you defend against false accusations?

Gather everything that can be used as evidence (good or bad). Certainly, you want to collect any type of proof that you arr innocent. Your lawyer needs to see everything. Your lawyer needs to know what the other party has ready to use against you.

Do not speak to anyone without your lawyer present. Speaking to law enforcement or prosecutors, even if you're speaking truthfully to your innocence goes into the gathering of evidence. Police will record what you said, and add biased comments on their perception of your facial expressions, attitude and behaviors. These are all cards that a prosecutor can selectively use against you.

Speaking to friends, family, or even a stranger should be avoided. Anything you share can be repeated as gossip, and possibly be revealed if a person is required to testify in court. And about that friendly stranger...it's not uncommon for a private investigator or detective to visit your hangouts and casually start a conversation.

When a Protective Order Is In Place

In as little as 24 hours, without any prior warning, a person can file a false police report and get a TPO (temporary protective order) served on you. This immediately places you in a difficult situation. If you've been served with a Restraining Order (TPO) you are required to go before a judge in as little as 2 weeks. Having a lawyer represent you can make a huge difference in the outcome of your situation.

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