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Online Dating Gone Wrong

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Online Dating Legal Problems

When online dating goes wrong you probably will need a lawyer to fight criminal charges. Miscommunication, leading someone on, and after-the-fact remorse can result in someone filing criminal charges against you.

If things are going out of control, innocent or not, you will need an experienced Atlanta sex crimes lawyer to avoid conviction of a crime.

Dating, specificaly online dating websites and apps, can sometimes cause a person to become involved in highly problematic situations. From people who misrepresent their intentions, deisres and boundaries, to people seeking retribution for rejection or planning blackmail, a single mistake can create a world of legal problems.

High Risk for People with a Record

Sex crimes in Georgia are harshly prosecuted, and almost certainly result in incarceration in state prison. If you have any prior convictions your chances of going to prison are much, much higher.

Misunderstandings, Regrets, and Anger

The trajectory of online dating is almost always an emotionally driven path. When the conversation drifts into sexual chat, especially with mixed expectations or signals, the actions that follow can lead to criminal charges.

Emotions and feelings of regret, shame, disappointment, rejection, anger, and revenge can drive some people to file false charges. This puts you in the position of your word against their word - a dangerous place. If you're in this predicament you need to call a call a sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

Lawrence came highly recommended and now I see why. He is clearly an accomplished and talented veteran in his field and genuinely personable as well. He put us at ease immediately, quickly understood the situation, and took immediate action.

Simply Being Innocent May Not Be Enough

A lot of sexual assault charges related to online dating have no factual basis. Unfortunately, police are quick to believe the accuser and you'll have to fight your way out of their lies. Finding evidence to prove something did not happen is nearly impossible. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better off you are in building a case.

Thoughts to Protect You

Anyone dealing with an online dating nightmare can be tempted to totally get away from the matter. In so doing, people delete texts, emails, photos, phone records, and other information that can help in your case. Your should make copies of everything, store it in a safe place beyond your immediate control, and do not agree to a police interview without a lawyer.

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