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Pre-Arrest Investigations

Lawrence Zimmerman and his team will conduct pre-arrest investigations on your behalf

Pre Arrest Investigation Lawyer

Need to lawyer-up? Early intervention, having a lawyer buffer you from trouble, can protect you from making mistakes and sometimes have the matter go away by correcting inaccuracies and prejudicial judgment by law enforcement and prosecutors.

If you have reasons to believe that you are being investigated for a criminal matter you should at least consult with a lawyer. When law enforcement and prosecutors zero in on someone there is a high probability that trouble for that person will follow. In this situation, the two smartest things you should do are:

  • NOT talk to law enforcement. As stated in the all-too-famous Miranda Warning, "anything you say can be used against you in a court of law". This includes things you say, at any time, even a casual confrontation or statements made to defend yourself. If a time arises where you have to speak to police you need to do so only with the presence of your lawyer.
  • DO consult with a lawyer. Whether you are totally innocent or have some legal risks you should talk with defense lawyer to get a valid legal perspective of the situation. If you expect your situation to develop into a legal problem this is a good time to discuss how a lawyer can help you.


I did not know it then but when I hired Lawrence, I hired one of the best criminal defense team in Atlanta....As the case progressed...the team was able to clarify the case for the prosecution to such an extent that the DA dropped ALL CHARGES and sealed the records.

I'm Innocent - Why Hire a Lawyer

In a way, you're "not innocent" until the police come to the conclusion that you're no longer a suspect for criminal activity. The goal of their investigation is to gather evidence, including statements, that can be used to build a case and convict someone. Yes, innocent people sometimes get convicted. We urge you to not have blind trust in police work.

Will Police Tell Me If I'm Under Investigation?

No. The police are under no obligation to ever let someone know they are under investigation. Many people do not know they are under investigation until the police summon them for questioning, or show up with an arrest warrant. In these circumstances, even a single, innocent statement can be twisted by police and hurt your chances for fair treatment.

How Can a Lawyer Help If I'm not arrested?

Firstly, you have the opportunity for a confidential discussion with defense attorney Lawrence Zimmerman. Attorney Zimmerman will ask some questions and offer expert feedback on where your situation is possibly headed. Additionally, you can learn how investigations develop and be introduced to things you can do now to protect yourself. If your future is in jeopardy you owe it to yourself to pursue protection.

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