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Case Results

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Sex Crimes Case Results

Child Molestation - Douglas County Superior Court: Not Guilty on all counts of Child molestation including a directed verdict of May 2019. A Sears employee claimed she observed a grandfather molest his foster grandson. The DAs office was relentless in their pursuit of him. During Mr. Zimmerman's cross-examination of the lead detective, the jury started laughing at the detective's answers and the judge ordered Mr. Zimmerman to only ask a few more questions because the detective was being beaten up so badly.

Aggravated Sodomy and Incest - Cobb County

Our client was charged with Aggravated Sodomy and Incest on his own daughter in Cobb County. We challenged the State's case by filing legal motions and conducting an extensive investigation. At our evidentiary hearing, we laid out our theory. All charges dismissed by the District Attorney five days prior to trial. Our client was released from jail where he had been held for one year, and was potentially facing life in prison.

Attempted Child Molestation in Coweta County

Client was charged with Attempted Child Molestation - Coweta County. His family hired our office to defend him. After a thorough investigation, we met with the prosecuting attorney presenting to them the real evidence that our client was not guilty of the crimes as alleged. The District Attorney dismissed all charges

Aggravated Sodomy - Fulton County

Our client was in the television industry and charged with Aggravated Sodomy in Fulton County. Our team conducted an extensive investigation including pulling all of the text messages between the accuser and our client. Our client passed a polygraph that we had independently done. The District Attorney's Office dismissed the case.

Rape - Forsyth County

Client was a CEO for a company when a woman accused him of raping her in Forsyth County. We put together a full scale investigation and provided the police with our interviews. No charges were ever brought.

Child Pornography - Federal Charges

Our client was charged with having thousands of images of child pornography on his computer after the FBI raided his home. He confessed to the crimes. We challenged the United States of America's case by litigating novel legal issues. The result was a greatly reduced sentence - 46 months as opposed to 108 months called for by federal sentencing guidelines

Aggravated Child Molestation - White County

Client charged in White County with Aggravated Child Molestation of her child. After working on all aspects of the case including motions, investigation and getting the client visitation with her child while on bond, we were able to show that the child made several different statements. In fact, the child made contradictory statements and her story did not add up. We put together a robust 200 page package that laid out to the District Attorney all of the problems with their case and pending testimony of eye-witnesses. The District Attorney agreed to dismiss the criminal indictment.

Child Molestation - Forsyth County

We recently represented a client in Forsyth County where he was charged with Child Molestation on his granddaughter. We conducted a thorough investigation including obtaining the accuser's counseling records where we discovered that the child was in counseling prior to the allegation for being a pathological liar. The District Attorney dismissed the criminal indictment against our client.

Attempted Child Molestation - Catoosa County

Client was a well known surgeon charged with Attempted Child Molestation in a bust in Catoosa County. He was arrested by a joint task force from the FBI and the local authorities. After several years of working on the case, the charges were dismissed.

Rape (Child) - Gwinnett County

Client was accused of raping a 6 year old girl in Gwinnett County. We went to trial and after 4 days it ended in a hung jury. The jury was hung ten for not guilty and two for guilty. The State saw the writing on the wall and agreed to a plea of time served, under Alford v. North Carolina (not factually guilty) and client was released on time served.

Aggravated Sodomy - Gwinnett County

Client investigated for Aggravated Sodomy in Gwinnett County. We had an independent polygraph conducted, interviewed several witnesses and provided the information to the police. After reviewing our evidence, Gwinnett County agreed to not arrest the 18 year old person.

Attempted Rape / Aggravated Sodomy - Gwinnett County

Client arrested for Attempted Rape, and Aggravated Sodomy in Gwinnett County. We went to court for a preliminary bond hearing and grilled the lead detective pointing out all the evidence they missed showing our client was innocent. After meeting with the District Attorney's Office including showing them that the accuser had made prior false allegations against another man, they dismissed all charges resulting in client's record being sealed.

Child Molestation - Cobb County

Client was a youth pastor at a church when Cobb County indicted him for child molestation. We were able to resolve the case to felony sexual battery where the client received First Offender.

Rape (Multiple) - Cobb County

Client charged in Cobb County Superior Court for raping two different girls when he was underage. However, he was indicted as an adult. We were able to convince the prosecution to send the matter to the juvenile court level where the situation was resolved quite favorably.